Rights and Reproductions

Photography in the Galleries

Visitors may take photographs, without flash, of any object in the permanent collection for their own noncommercial, research purposes as long as such photography is safe for the object and is not disruptive to other visitors. Photography is not permitted in the Special Exhibitions Gallery when artwork is on loan from other institutions.

Images on this Website

Images from the permanent collection that are in the public domain may be downloaded for personal, educational and research use only.

To download an image:
Click on the image to view the full size pop-up image. Right click on the image, and select "Save image as".

Image Size:
JPEG, 1200 pixels (longest side), suitable for PowerPoint, web use, etc.
Note: Artworks still under copyright only appear at thumbnail size and may not be available for download.

To link to an image record on this website:
Select the URL from the navigation bar at the top of the page, copy and paste into the desired location. Make sure to delete everything that appears after the "?" in the copied link. That information pertains to your individual browsing session ID, and you only want to share the shortened and static URL.

About Copyright

Images of copyrighted artworks are displayed here under fair use, in accordance to the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for the Visual Arts. If you wish to use copyrighted images for any purpose, you must also seek permission from the copyright holder. Copyright information, if known, can be found on each object record page.

The copyright of a work of art itself is distinct from any rights of the photograph/digital image depicting the work, and may be held by individuals or entities other than the Art Museum. For example, the copyright of an artwork may be held or managed by the artist or the artist's heirs or representative(s), even if the artwork itself is owned by La Salle University Art Museum.

Two commonly used rights-management agencies:
Artist Rights Society (ARS), http://www.arsny.com
Visual Artists and Galleries Association (VAGA), http://vagarights.com

Permission to Publish

To request permission to reproduce images for publication; to request an image of a work that is not illustrated online, or is under copyright; or to request digital files in sizes or formats beyond those offered through the website (TIFF, etc.), please contact the Collections Manager/Registrar.

The museum grants permission to reproduce only from images it supplies in response to a written request received by mail, fax, or email. If an artwork in the collection is protected under copyright or license held by another party (i.e. the artwork is not in the "public domain") it is the responsibility of the applicant/licensee to acquire the additional permission to publish.

Permission to reproduce images covers only the specific occasion and use described in the application (i.e. non-exclusive, one-time use, in one language, for one edition, unless otherwise specified). For any and all additional use of image(s) from the La Salle University Art Museum's collection, the applicant must reapply in writing for permission.

When reproducing an image or citing a work from our collection, please provide an image credit to "La Salle University Art Museum, Philadelphia, PA" so that others may find and use our resources. A copy of any publication reproducing art from the collection is requested.