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Teaching and Learning in the Art Museum: La Salle University Faculty Selections, on view September 10 - December 14, 2018:

Each year thousands of La Salle University students attend classes or academic programs in the Art Museum. A visit to the galleries can provide interdisciplinary perspectives on course material, improve visual literacy and critical thinking skills, foster global awareness and sensitivity, and engage students in experiential learning opportunities.

In support of the Art Museum’s mission to further the University’s Lasallian educational objectives, we present Teaching and Learning in the Art Museum: La Salle University Faculty Selections. Faculty use the Art Museum and its collections to encourage learning beyond the classroom, spanning disciplinary boundaries to deliver the essence of a La Salle education that is rich, practical, engaged, and accessible.

This exhibition features a diverse gathering of artworks selected by La Salle University faculty. Their labels provide information about how they use these objects to integrate art into their lessons in meaningful ways.

Below these label texts, we have highlighted how close examination and discussion of these artworks address one or more of the four (4) overarching commitments that inform the approach to a La Salle University education:

Broader Identity
Expanded Literacies
Effective Expression
Active Responsibility

We have also included relevant Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) which fall under these four areas, and which are now woven into the University’s Core Curriculum. These object-based lessons guided by our innovative educators inevitably touch more than one objective, demonstrating the transformative power of art, and highlighting the Art Museum as a collaborative center for teaching and learning.

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