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ARTH201 Museum Project

Selection of Objects for Student Projects in ARTH201 Spring 2018

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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Medieval Chair with Canopy, English   Unknown Artist, English School   Carved Oak  14th Century-15th Century 
Crucifixion   Unknown, Sienese   Egg Tempera, gold gilt on panel/ Tempera & Gold tool on wood panel  14th Century 
St. Anne with the Infant, Mary   Unknown Artist, German School of the Lower Rhine   Lindenwood  late 15th Century 
Attendants of the Crucifixion   Attributed to Grasser, Erasmus   Lindenwood or basswood relief  c. 1500 
The Visitation   Unknown, French   stone relief with traces of polychromy  14th Century 
Madonna and Child with Saints   Workshop of Costa, Lorenzo   Oil on canvas  15th Century-16th Century 
Pyxis with black painted cover   Unknown, Greek, Attic   Terracotta  c. 400 BCE 
Lekythos   Unknown, Greek   Terracotta  c. 530 BCE-500 BCE 
Tanagra figurine   Unknown, Greek   Terracotta  3rd Century BCE-2nd Century BCE 
Krater with 3 women figures and 2 women dancers   Unknown, Greek   Repaired, decoration probably modern  Unknown 
Stamnos Vessel   Unknown, Greek, Corinthian or Boetian   Terracotta  c. 550 BCE 
Tanagra-style figurine   Unknown, Greek   Terracotta  Late 3rd Century BCE 
White Ground Lekythos, used for funerary   Unknown, Greek, Attic   Terracotta  450 BCE-430 BCE 
Stamnos Vessel   Unknown, Greek, Corinthian   Terracotta  c. 600 BCE-575 BCE 
Flask   Unknown, Greek, Attic   Terracotta  c. 400 BCE 
Lekythos   Unknown, Greek, Attic   Terracotta  c. 420 BCE 
Figure of bull   Unknown, Greek, Mycenaean   Terracotta  c. 1300 BCE-1200 BCE 
Renaissance Chest, French   Unknown, French   Oak  16th Century 
15th Century Bench, English   Unknown Artist, English School   Carved Oak  15th Century 
The Lamentation of Christ   Bruges School   Oil on panel  16th Century 
Pieta   Unknown, Franco-Flemish   Oil on wood panel  15th Century 
Covered vessel with two handles in white clay   Unknown, Greek, Attic   White clay  c. 500 BCE 
Krater in black   Unknown, Greek   Terracotta  4th century BCE 
Statuette of mother and child in glass frame case   Unknown, Greek     Unknown 
Statuette in white clay depicting two women playing a game "Ephedrisnes"   Unknown, Greek   Terracotta  c. 500-700 CE 

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